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Thorax Patricia Dempsey-001


083 - Thorax

Delivered: April 1993

Owner: Johannes Østensjø d.y A/S

Design: Wijsmuller Engineering B.V. Holland

Type: Terminal - Escort Tug

Class: Det Norske Veritas. +1A1, Tug, Eo, SF, Oil Rec.FiFi I


Main Particulars:

Length o.a.: 45,80 m

Beam: 13,80 m

Depth: 7,60 m

Draught: 6,30 m

Speed: 14 knots



Fuel Oil: 409 m3

Fresh Water: 54 m3

Water Ballast: 669 m3

Engine: Wärtsilä Wichmann 8V28B(3590HP) 2x 2640 KW/660 RPM



  • 2016: Sold to Alfons Haakans Oy. and re-named "Thor".


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